Riverdale, Season 3

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  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-10-11
  • Episodes: 4
From 330 Ratings

Watch Riverdale, Season 3 Streaming

In season two of Riverdale, tensions between the North and Southside were at an all-time high—stoked by Hiram Lodge with the help of Reggie Mantle, and intensified with the Black Hood’s unexpected re-emergence. A civil war seemed imminent. A riot brought out the worst (and best) of Riverdale and its citizens and culminated in the shocking arrest of Archie Andrews. In season three, it’s the start of Junior year and the gang is forced to think about something new—their future. But with Hiram now in control of the Southside, Archie on trial for murder, and complicated romantic relationships forming, fans can expect a gripping start to the new season.

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Title Time
1 Chapter Thirty-Six:"Labor Day" 42:21 Watch free
2 Chapter Thirty-Seven: "Fortune and Men's 42:22 Watch free
3 Riverdale: Comic Con 2018 Sizzle 02:56 Watch free
4 Riverdale: 2018 Comic-Con Panel 27:10 Watch free

Watch Riverdale, Season 3 streaming


  • Boring

    By tango25
    The show seems to focus on the same tired characters. Why is this show so focused on Archie, Veronica, Hughes’s and Betty. Boring!!! There is so much potential in developing some of the other characters. If the show will focus again on these 4 people, I will skip the season and try again next season.
  • amazing

    By kaity_beat
    this season is amazing
  • I can’t wait❤️☺️😰😭

    By Exezo
    I’m crying Betty had seizure and Archie is stupid why would you say you guilty.Im in love with episode one I hope 2 is even better and all the people who are saying it is so boring or it is repeating I have something to say to you. DON’T.WATCH.IT PERIOD.
  • Great show.

    By Osaimy twins
    I really like this show i cant wait for the new S!
  • This show is trash and I love it

    By sometimeslucy
    I have a lot of mixed feelings about how the writing of this show has progressed through the last season but honestly I love it both for how good and cheesily bad it is.

    By die stands for diego .
    i cat wait for this.. wig
  • Can’t be missed

    By Anthony Mendenhall
    Wow this show is amazing great casting and great story line. Can’t wait to see what happens this season!
  • Ahhhhhhh

    By ❤️Grant Gustin❤️
    Omg freaking out right now I love this show it is absolutely the best show ever!!!! Lily and Cole are the cutest couple and kJ apa is crazy handsome and funny. Most recommended show for all of u!!! Can’t wait for season 3 the past two seasons were so good and only getting better!!!❤️😍